Get Bowled Over With Film Trivia!

Do you bowl harder than The Dude? Well tap your bowling shoes three times, because we are about to whisk you away to bowling Oz. In honor of our $25 Seattle deal for 2 hours of bowling at Roxbury Lanes, we want you to match up the movie quotes with the associated bowling movie. If you get a strike, we'll give you $15 in HomeRun cash! Enter before the deal ends on Friday, July 20th at midnight, and you'll be in like Flynn. 


1) "You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me."

2) "You got a great gift, son. It's as if angels came down from heaven and put a blessing on your three bowling digits. You can apply everything that I've taught you about bowling to your daily life. And if you do that, you're gonna be decent, you're gonna be moral, and you're going to be a good man." 

3) "That rug really tied the room together."

4) "This is like the hula hoop of the nineties. People go nuts!"


Film, Caffeine, & Eclecticism In The 415

There is a very wonderful mishmash of a neighborhood in San Francisco, where you can find fancy-schmancy boutiques right next door to divey (and to-die-for!) taquerias. On Tuesday, July 24th, we are running a deal in that particular hood, that combines two of our most favorite things in the entire world: film and caffeine! If you can tell us which neighborhood the business is located in, we'll give you $15 in HomeRun cash so you can get the deal (and then some) for free! Just submit your guesses by Monday, July 23rd at midnight to be included in our random drawing.

Here are your clues, city slickers:


A) Has the largest concentration of murals in the city.

B) The neighborhood is named after San Francisco's oldest standing structure.

C) Has a tendency to be warmer and sunnier than other neighborhoods.

D) While gentrification has changed the population, it still remains a nexus for the Latino community.


Quite Simply, The Coolest Guy Ever: Happy Birthday, Thoreau!

Henry David Thoreau was a pretty rad dude who spent his life waxing poetic about the merits of living a simple life rich with meaning. Thoreau was also one of the original naturalists, and his nature writing helped inspire modern-day environmentalism.  As a member of the Transcendentalist movement, he advocated prescriptions for living based on spirituality, personal freedom, and a connection to the earth. His writings are so packed with meaning, that groups as disparate as the civil rights movement, the hippie revolution, and the national park system, have all been profoundly influenced by his work.

In honor of his birthday, we celebrate today as Simplicity Day. The holiday champions living a life of simplicity, best articulated from the mouth of Thoreau himself: "As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." 

So why not camp out in the woods, Mr. Thoreau-style? Suck out all the marrow of life as you strive for balance, become more in tune with nature, and enjoy the wonderfully simple things in honor of dear Mr. T.

Here are some deals that may help your life run a little more smoothly today:


1) Stop cooking: $25 for $50 worth of Gourmet Pastas, Desserts, Soups, Sauces & More from

2) Just say no to laundry: $20 for $40 worth of Dry Cleaning Services from Beverly Wilshire Dry Cleaners

3) Relax and get a massage: $54 for either a 1-Hour Massage - 3 Options - or a Deep Cleansing Facial from Brookline Rejuvenation Center ($120 value)


A New York, New York, Contest, Contest!

Hey, here's a contest so nice we named it twice! Can you tell us what's in the photo above without batting an eye? Eye think you need to tell us by Wednesday, July 18th at midnight, because on Thursday, we are offering this brilliant deal in that city full of sparkle and sass: New York, New York! The image above is related to the deal at hand, and if you can tell us:


A) What's in the picture 


B) What the deal is for

you'll be entered to win $15 in HomeRun dough, along with an extra scoop of self-esteem for being so in-the-know. Put your brain caps on, and start winning, winning!


Riddled With Riddles In SF

If you possess a resume decorated with puzzle-solving skills, I advise you to keep on reading. Next Thursday, July 19th, we are running a deal brimming with all things magical, and if you can guess the name of the local San Francisco merchant, we will reward you quite handsomely. Decipher the meaning in the rebus puzzle above for a chance to win $15 in honor of this delightful deal. To play, comment on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or this blog post. It's so easy, it almost feels illegal! Happy riddling!


Pucker Up On National Kissing Day!

"I do not know how to kiss, or I would kiss you. Where do the noses go?" ~ Ingrid Bergman

Happy National Kissing Day to our HomeRun loves! Today is the celebration of both the loves of your life and good dental hygiene. To help you observe what we think is one of the most important pseudo-holidays ever enacted, here are a smattering of deals to help give you an excuse to get all kissy-faced. Now, go forth and smooch!


-- Atlanta, Washington D.C., & Chicago: $145 for a Hot Air Balloon Ride from Dream Flights ($297 value) Sneak a kiss while you float above the clouds in your own private hot air balloon. Cap off your airy adventure with a champagne toast once you land!

-- Denver: $23 for an Italian Dinner with an Appetizer, Salad, Pasta & Dessert from Campagna Salumi Bar & Pizzeria (Up to $47.50 value) Enjoy a romantic dinner for two, including an antipasti, salad, pasta dish, and dessert, at one of Denver's best Italian restaurants! 

-- Seattle: $20 for 4 All-Day Paintball Admissions including Equipment Rentals at One of Seven Paintball Locations (up to $140 value) While you're trying to nail your love with a paintball, try giving them a kiss to help ease the pain :)

-- Everywhere: $99 for a Maine Lobster and Chowder Feast for 4 from ($231.95 value) Chow down with a succulent seafood feast that includes lobster, lobster cakes, clam chowder, biscuits, and even whoopie pies for dessert!


Holy Mole, We're Making Mole!

Next Thursday, July 7th, we are running a deal in LA for a super saucy mole-making class! The class will guide participants in making a traditional Mexican mole sauce that is all sugar and spice and everything nice. To help prep you for the chocolatey goodness you will soon learn how to master, we are throwing some mole trivia questions at you! Fill-in-the-blanks by Wednesday, July 6th at midnight, to be entered to win $15 in HomeRun mole moolah! Now come and get saucy with us!


1) The word, mole, comes from the Aztec word for _______.

2) The main ingredient in mole is _______, but the sauce can also include chocolate, peppercorns, peanut butter, cloves, coconut, bananas, and anything else under the sun.

3) The two Mexican states best known for mole are  _______ and  _______.

4)  Mole is a culinary symbol of Mexico's  _______ i.e., people of both indigenous and European descent. 


Deals To Help You Get Your Stars And Spangles In A Row 

Fireworks, apple pie, and parades are all fine and dandy things to partake in on Independence Day, but what about chucking off those shackles of tyranny that inspired the whole thing? Declare your own independence from boredom with some July 4th deals bound to help you get out and learn something new. Put your stars and stripes on and let summer fun ring!

Happy Independence Day and may the fourth be with you!


- Austin: $175 for a 3-Hour Karaoke-Themed Party with a DJ from King-O-Karaoke ($350 value) Get your indepen-dance on and host a 3-hour private party for you and your closest rock star friends!

Los Angeles: $22 for Two 16-Lap Go-Kart Races & a $5 Gift Card from Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting ($51 value) Step on the gas, and race your friends to the finish line!

Chicago: $25 for a Ticket to a 2-Hour Mixology Boot Camp at Lincoln House from ($50 value) Get a crash course in making drinks from some of Chicago's best mixologists.

San Francisco: $365 for 6 Hours of Limo Service for Up to 9 People + 2 Bottles of Champagne from SFC Limo ($760 value) Spend the day like royalty, as you cruise around the Bay with your own private driver!


Chai Some Tea In Boston!

If your mug is hollering at you to make tea not war, then you should probably heed its call. In honor of our tea-lightful Boston deal for an afternoon tea service at The Tea Leaf, we are testing how ready you are for a tan-tea-lizingly scrumptious tea time! Answer the questions below before the deal ends on Wednesday, July 4th at midnight, and you'll be entered to win $10. Now, take some time for a nice hot cuppa, tea heads!


Question #1: Afternoon tea was invented by this lady as a picker-upper to tide over her afternoon hunger pangs.

Question #2: In Tibet, tea is served with salt and which other condiment?

Question #3: All tea is derived from this plant, which produces green, white and black teas.

Question #4: What is Earl Grey tea flavored with?


I Saw The Sign, And It Opened Up My Eyes...

Life lesson: You should never take rocks for granite! Well, unless it's not actually rocks, and it's really that legendary landmark called The Roxy Theatre. We are running a rad deal for this hotspot on Monday, July 9th, and if you can tell us which city the mystery theater is located in, we'll enter you to win a brand new Alexander Hamilton (aka $10 in HomeRun cash)! Submit your guesses by Sunday, July 8th at midnight to be entered to win. We know you're solid as a rock, so go rock it!