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____ Food, I Heart Thee!

Strike gastronomic gold with our exotic restaurant deal launching a week from today in our nation's capital! This cuisine has more flavors than Flava Flav, and if you can guess where it comes from, so will you. Since this country has had interactions with many cultures over the centuries, including Arabs, Berbers, Moors, and Romans, its cuisine has evolved into an amalgam of the best of the best! 

Mix our hints together and let us know what country you come up with! Comment on any of our social media profiles by Wednesday EOD with your guess, and you will be entered to win $15. Holy moly, we wish we lived in D.C.! Good luck, gourmands! 


* Hint #1: Cumin is considered so important in ______, that it is served on the table along with salt and pepper. 

* Hint #2: Mint tea is the first thing  ______ hosts offer visitors. Hosts pour the tea with the teapot held high above the glasses, as to create foam at the top. 

* Hint #3: Bread is so sacred in ______, that if a piece falls on the floor during a meal, you are supposed to pick it up and kiss it. 

* Hint #4: Rosewater and orange flower water are the main ingredients in many ______ desserts.

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