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Holy Mole, We're Making Mole!

Next Thursday, July 7th, we are running a deal in LA for a super saucy mole-making class! The class will guide participants in making a traditional Mexican mole sauce that is all sugar and spice and everything nice. To help prep you for the chocolatey goodness you will soon learn how to master, we are throwing some mole trivia questions at you! Fill-in-the-blanks by Wednesday, July 6th at midnight, to be entered to win $15 in HomeRun mole moolah! Now come and get saucy with us!


1) The word, mole, comes from the Aztec word for _______.

2) The main ingredient in mole is _______, but the sauce can also include chocolate, peppercorns, peanut butter, cloves, coconut, bananas, and anything else under the sun.

3) The two Mexican states best known for mole are  _______ and  _______.

4)  Mole is a culinary symbol of Mexico's  _______ i.e., people of both indigenous and European descent. 


A Deal That'll Make You Zig-A-Zig-Ah

Still have no clue about what "zig-a-zig-ah" means? Well, today is the day to find out, because the Spice Girls announced that they are "going to introduce a whole new generation to Girl Power," and reunite to produce a musical based on their hit songs. Count us in. Did you know that sixteen years ago today, the fab five first came out with "Wannabe!?" Wowzas, we sure feel old now.

So to celebrate all things spicy, come and guess what next week's LA deal is! On Friday, July 6th, we are offering a deal in Los Angeles that is so much fun, our funny bones are already starting to ache. If you wannabe our best friend, tell us what the photo below has to do with the mystery deal in question, and you'll be entered to win $15 in HomeRun credits! Submit your guesses by Thursday, July 5th at midnight, on this blog post, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest, to be entered to win. Now, spice up your life, and reminisce about one of the best girl bands in the history of Girl Power!


____ Food, I Heart Thee!

Here's some metatrivia for you: The term "trivia" actually originates from the Latin term meaning the intersecting point of three roads. Therefore, in honor of our sumptuous LA meal deal launching on Thursday, we are throwing some trivia at you from a country whose language stems from Latin. If you have the foodie chops to identify the country in question, we'll sprinkle $10 in HomeRun credits on ya! Just enter before Wednesday at midnight on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Google+, or this blog post, and you'll be rarin' and ready to go!


Clue #1: Wine is seen as its own food group in this country; children as young as 12 are allowed to have a little wine diluted with water during their meals.

Clue #2: This famous export is usually baked in a wood-fired oven, and packed with fresh vegetables, thinly sliced ham, salami, artichokes and olives.

Clue #3: Pasta is such an integral part of this country's cuisine that the Pope set quality standards way back in the 13th century.

Clue #3: Most dishes coming from the northern part of the country include meat and seafood, while southern dishes always include tomatoes. 


Cute Animal Alert + A Photo Caption Contest!

We have been monkeying around ever since we heard about our Los Angeles deal for admission for two to the Wildlife Learning Center! If you are in an adventurous mood, and do not care for just another zoo excursion, this Sylmar animal sanctuary is a must-see! The wonderful thing about this place is that most of the animals here are rescued and are in the process of being rehabilitated. You will feel good about visiting since the center is entirely devoted to the animals' well-being, rather than just providing a spectacle for humans. However, you will still enjoy an exciting visit, and will have the option of getting up close and personal with some of these cuties. Plus, you will get to learn about these different species from volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of animals who cannot go back into the wild.

Check out these Wildlife Learning Center cutie-patooties above and send us your funniest photo captions! We'll give $5 in HomeRun credits to the funniest one! Get your captions in before Friday when the deal expires. Happy adventuring, wild ones!