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March Madness Is Here!

Did you pick VCU or Butler to make it to the Final Four last year? Didn't think so... But it's hard not to fall in love with the underdog this time of year. Picking the upsets and catching the buzzer-beaters is what March Madness is all about, and the NCAA basketball tournament goes into full effect this weekend! 

68 teams were selected this past Sunday, and in two and a half short weeks, only one will be left standing. The single-elimination structure creates a chaotic, exciting, and unpredictable tournament, with students and alumni of every school struggling to maintain their sanity after every play. For those less-committed to a specific school, March Madness has grown into a seriously competitive opportunity to earn big time cash-ola in the countless office pools across the country. Most importantly, though, are the bragging rights involved with creating the best bracket among your peers. Everyone has their picks, just ask President Obama!

It can be a very tiresome weekend with 48 games to be played, so we have some deals to keep you sane! If you're in Seattle, be sure to keep your energy up with the coffee at @Cafe. The excitement can definitely cause some stress, so you might want to consider a relaxing massage at the Republic of Wellness in Boston, or at Body In Balance in Chicago. However, don't forget that this time of year is about screaming, cheering, and crying like a baby, all over a game. So, after your team does win, make sure you go sing "We Are The Champions" at KingO Karaoke in Austin. Or for many, the Doors' "The End" might be more appropriate...

Here's what most would consider the most exciting moment from this season thus far. Expect many others like this over the next few weeks, starting today!